Race, even if you don’t own a boat!

If you are a crew member looking to go racing, or a skipper who needs crew or simply would like to ensure that no one stays behind on the dock during a race night, we encourage you to participate.

Weeknight Racing Crew Bank

How it works
On Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday race nights a crew bank coordinator (wearing a red NYC Race Committee shirt) will be on duty between 5:00-5:30 pm, on the deck outside of the North club house entry. Please note that for the Fall Series crew bank will be on WEDNESDAYS ONLY between 4:30 and 5:00 pm.
Lists of ‘Crew Looking for Boat’ and ‘Boat Looking for Crew’ are posted just East of the doorway, and should be used by interested parties to advertise crew seeking boats and boats seeking crew.
The crew bank coordinator on site, will provide assistance in connecting crew & skippers.
If you arrive after 5:30 and the crew coordinator is no longer there – please check out the sign up sheets for any remaining opportunities.
What is my commitment level?
The commitment is for the evening. The crew bank provides assistance in connecting crew with skippers only for that given race night.  It is a great way to try things out.  It is up to the individual crew members and skippers to make any arrangement for repeated racing together. 
Crew Etiquette
Every boat takes work to set up and shut down. Ask your skipper how you can lend a hand to prepare for the race! Arriving early is a good way to get familiar with the job you will be doing and a great opportunity to meet the skipper and crew of the boat you will be sailing on. Remember that your help is also needed in derigging the boat after racing. Assistance is always appreciated!
Crew members invited by a skipper to sail again on that particular boat (i.e. arrangement outside of the crew bank), are encouraged to follow through on their commitments - you do not have to be an expert sailor to be great crew - being reliable, showing up when promised, helping out and having the desire to learn are highly valued characteristics.
Skipper Etiquette
Skippers are expected to be clear in their expectations for crew in regards to language, equipment and practice aboard their boat. Crew members are often new members or individuals who are looking to expand their sailing experience, please help them out as much as you can.
What if there are no boats that need crew?
It rarely happens as we work hard to get everyone out on a race boat.  If it does, we encourage you to join the NYC Race Committee, another great team that heads out on the water to run the race that night.
 Do we race if it’s raining?
You bet! On a rare occasion, the NYC Race Committee may call off the race ahead of time if the weather conditions are particularly challenging such as an active lightning storm.
Do I need to be an experienced sailor/racer?
No. Most skippers are happy to coach new crew that have a keen interest in learning and contributing to the team on board of the vessel.
What gear do I need?
Sailing gloves –  to protect your hands while handling ropes. You can purchase sailing gloves at NYC or a local chandlery; or you can purchase inexpensive rubber dipped work gloves at a hardware store. 
Shoes with non-marking soles – running shoes work well in addition to sailing shoes.  Most skippers do not allow racing barefoot or in shoes with uncovered toes due to risk of foot injury.
PFD (Personal Floatation Device) – ideally you should have your own PFD that fits you and that you find comfortable to wear. However, most skippers do carry spare PFDs on board.  If you do not have a PFD, please let the skipper know.
Sun protection – sunglasses, hat, buff, sunscreen.
Layered clothing – the temperature on the water can be quite different from land, so even in summer bring a fleece and depending on the forecast - rain protection. If you’re just starting, please note that you do not need to buy specialized sailing gear - clothing used for other sports (running, skiing, hiking, cycling etc.) works well.  
Water bottle – to stay hydrated!
We hope to see you on the dock soon!