Welcome to National Yacht Club's Race Committee. This introduction will help you understand the who, what, why and how of the NYC Race Committee.

The NYC Race Committee consists of a special group of people dedicated to sustaining and growing the sport of amateur (Corinthian) sailboat racing. We conduct competitive, safe, fair and fun yacht races in the Humber Bay of Lake Ontario area and beyond. Our vision is to be recognized by the broader yachting community as dedicated to excellence, sportsmanship and fostering sailboat racing.

We are always looking for enthusiastic volunteers to join our team. Previous sailing or Race Committee experience is not required. Sounds fun? You bet it is!

You might be wondering, “What do I need to do to get started?” It’s easy, just send an email to: [email protected] expressing interest and we’ll get you started. Then, to get out on water with us, simply signup to volunteer for races. We will teach you everything you need to know.


Why should I join?
Because we need you and this work is valuable, rewarding and fun!

Also, volunteering on the RC may open new opportunities and take you on an exciting path. At a minimum you will meet new people, gain new boating skills and have memorable experiences out on the water. For some, involvement on the RC becomes a lifelong passion, opening doors to engagement in the broader yachting community, including national and international sailing events.

What skills are required?
  • Teamwork
  • Focusing on a specific role or task yet being aware of the bigger picture
  • Listening closely and following instructions
  • Flexibility to adjust quickly to changes
  • Reliablity

Do I need to know anything about sailboat racing?
No, but it makes it more interesting if you do.

What are the rewards?
  • Being out on the water - have you seen how beautiful it is out there?
  • Satisfaction of a job well done
  • Working as part of a team - camaraderie and excellence
  • Action, fun, new friends
  • An important role in an exciting event -­ you are helping to preserve and grow the sport of sailboat racing
  • Gaining new knowledge and skills
  • Volunteer hours!

Will joining the Race Committee (RC) conflict with my racing?
Absolutely not! By volunteering on the RC, you will make an important contribution to the sport. RC volunteers make racing possible. With three weeknights of racing at NYC as well as weekend events there is plenty of opportunities to volunteer with the RC without any impacting your racing schedule.

You will gain new knowledge, skills and acquire a different prospective as to what happens on the course. You get to watch others make the mistakes that perhaps you have made and get the opportunity to learn what makes top racers good. You also get a real understanding of the weather and what wind shifts do to the boats on the course. This will make you a better racer.

What is my commitment?
RC Volunteers commit a wide rage of hours in any season. What we’re looking for is repeated volunteering in a season. It is beneficial to the RC to have regular team members, as it makes the team stronger. Some people can make a commitment for most races on a particular weeknight, others only can make it out on weekends. If you’re available on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday evenings or during the day on weekends – we’ll find a spot for you. Our existing RC volunteers include those that can offer casual and occasional help to regular volunteering on a given race night throughout the season.

How important is race management in sailboat racing?
It's hard to overstate the importance or value of the race committee because without them no race is possible. In fact, good race management is so important for successful racing that Sail Canada administers a national program of race management training and certification, with support from provincial entities, including Ontario Sailing.

What are the race committee's goals?
The prime goal of the race committee is to offer safe, fair and fun competition to all. A good race committee starts on time, delivers clear racing instructions and signals, sets a precise course and adjusts promptly to changing wind and weather. A well­ organized race committee does a lot to set the tone for fair competition.

Perhaps the most important objective is to give competitors satisfaction, by setting a good starting line, setting a good course and finish line, and providing a racing event that is safe and fun, ashore and afloat. It requires foresight, detailed planning, and above all, teamwork!

Race Committee Roles

RC Training Opportunities

Race Committee Role Prerequisites Additional Training Opportunities
Assistant Race Officer (ARO)*
None Ontario Sailing - Assistant Race Officer Course
Assistant Mark Boat Operator None Ontario Sailing - Assistant Mark Operator Course
Signal Boat Driver PCOC
Toronto Ports Power Vessel Operator's Permit
Maritime Radio Licence (VHF/ROCM)
Ontario Sailing - Assistant Race Officer Course
Mark Boat Operator PCOC
Toronto Ports Power Vessel Operator's Permit
Maritime Radio Licence (VHF/ROCM)
Ontario Sailing - Mark Boat Operator Course
Principal Race Officer (PRO) Ontario Sailing - Club Race Officer Course Sail Canada Courses:
Regional Race Officer (PRO)
National Race Officer (NRO)
International Race Officer (IRO)
Judge Ontario Sailing - Club Judge Seminars Sail Canada Courses:
Regional Judge
National Judge
 * Sound Signaler, Flags Signaler, Official Timer, Line Judge/Spotter, Recorder, Mark Boat Help

Race Committee Resources