National's Friendly Challenge

The NYC Challenge is a time trial open to keelboats helmed by NYC members. The course can be sailed at any time between Launch and Haulout. Participants record their own start/finish times and submit them online using the form linked below.

Submissions will be ranked on the basis of elapsed time, as well as corrected times in the following divisions:
  • Flying Sails
  • Not Flying Sails
  • Minimally Crewed
Participants may submit multiple times.

The course is approximately 6.7 nautical miles around government buoys. Standard rules of the road (Colregs) apply at all times.  

Boats must carry all safety equipment required by law. It is recommended to file a float plan and wear PFDs, especially if sailing with minimal crew.  The course is near shore but unsheltered and can experience very heavy sea states.
Important Links:
Time Submission Form

Course Description:
The course starts and finishes on the far (West) side of Dufferin mark using an imaginary line extending from the CN tower through Dufferin mark.

To start, set up west of Ontario place. When ready, sail toward Gibraltar leaving Dufferin to port. When the bow crosses the imaginary start line, write down the time.

After starting the course is: Gibraltar to port, T1 to port, Gibraltar to starboard and finishing with Dufferin to starboard.  As the bow crosses the finish line, write down the time. For best accuracy, use the same time source for both times.

Course Diagram:

Course Leg Details & Rounding Order:
 Mark  Leave To  Bearing to Next Mark  Distance to Next Mark
 Dufferin  Port  136°  1.5 nm
 Gibraltar  Port  90°  1.8 nm
 T1  Port  270°  1.5 nm
 Gibraltar  Starboard  316°  1.8 nm
 Dufferin  Starboard  N/A  N/A

Marks of the Course:
 Mark  Official Name  Colour  Approximate Coordinates
 Dufferin  Toronto West Entrance Buoy "T"  Red/White  43°37.24’N, 79°25.23’W
 Gibraltar  Gibraltar Point Buoy "TE18"  Red  43°36.32’N, 79°23.50’W
 T1  Toronto Harbour Outer Approach Lighted Buoy "T1"  Green  43°36.64’N, 79°21.01’W

For more information contact [email protected]