Our 2023 Swing Mooring Limited Offer

Mooring members enjoy considerable savings over a dock membership. For 2023 we are offering a discount of $500 to new Senior Swing Mooring member applications.

If you have questions or would like more information, please contact Membership Services Samantha Glass at membership@thenyc.com or call 416-260-8686 ext 227.

A Unique Option
With one of the few moorings fields in the GTA, you can enjoy private and secure mooring while staying right in the heart of Toronto’s waterfront. Our mooring field has capacity for 100 boats, securely moored on balls behind a full breakwater. Our mooring balls are inspected and maintained annually and are suitable for boats up to 40 feet.
Dedicated Water Taxi
Our mooring members are serviced by a dedicated club water taxi. Specific hours can be found here. If you prefer to get to and from your boat independently you can also keep a small tender on site.
Privacy & Tranquility
Members on moorings enjoy the privacy and tranquility of their location, where they are close to the city and yet far away. With beautiful views of Lake Ontario, every sunset is a show.
Sheltered & Secure
On our secure and sheltered swing moorings, your boat is always head to wind (bow into the wind) and therefore rocking and rolling boat action is kept to minimum. No squeaking fenders or creaking docks!

If you have never tied off a mooring ball it is far simpler than docking. There are no docks or boats to hit or slips to line up. Simply head upwind into the ball and tie off with two lines. If you miss, simply turn around in open water and try again. No need to ask for assistance docking. If you are interested in what lines and equipment we recommend, take a look at our Mooring Guidelines.

Come Visit Us!

We'd be delighted to show you around our club. To set up a tour or for more information, please email membership@thenyc.com or call 416-260-8686 ext 227.