National's Friendly Challenge

Get out and sail! For members who have not raced or aren’t familiar with sailboat racing, this is an opportunity for some friendly competition. Try to improve your time or test your abilities against friends! A great reason to head out during weeknight cruising. Opportunities for Crew members to sail and if permitted even log an attempt themselves.
Open to all members in good standing sailing a keelboat. Entries are submitted by a helmsperson, witnessed by another member with a start time and finish time.

A fun, safe and low stress way for you to test your sailing against yourself and other friends at the club. No entry fee and no need to learn Racing Rules of Sailing – just Transport Canada’s rules of the road. Your best entry will be used to tally results. Recognition will be given for line honours, corrected white sail and spinnaker, as well as a few other fun categories.

The Challenge opens after launch (April 27, 2020) and entries may be submitted until haulout (October 22, 2020)

Sail a fixed 6.7M course around government buoys.
  1. You’ve started when you pass the imaginary line from the CN Tower to the Dufferin Buoy (to port)
  2. Proceed to Gibraltar Buoy keeping buoy to port
  3. Round the T1 Buoy (keeping buoy to port) and
  4. Return to Gibraltar Buoy this time keeping buoy to starboard
  5. Return to Dufferin Buoy and you’ve finished once you pass the line from the CN
  6. Tower to the Dufferin Buoy, keeping the buoy to starboard this time.


How will you compensate for boats of different water-length?
In addition to the fastest overall time, we will be recognizing other categories including corrected time using factors other than PHRF. Total elapsed times will be reported initially with corrected times to come later in the season.

Won’t results be affected by wind conditions?
Although one of the correction factors being considered can take into account weather conditions, this challenge will call upon navigation and seamanship skills in addition to pure wind power.

How will I know I’ve cross the start/finish line?
Using the Dufferin Buoy and the CN Tower (assuming you are sailing on a day with visibility!) once the two are lined up, you have started. Time can be recorded in many ways. A photo at the time of start and finish, a GPS app to log your attempt, or the simple pencil, paper and watch!

How do I submit my entry?
A web form on the NYC website will be provided to enter details of your attempt. Entries will be reviewed by the Cruising Committee prior to being posted.